digiGate Electric Automatic Gates GSM Phone Call

Open your gates with a call

Anywhere in the world.

No app required

All you need is a phone.

What is a USB GSM Dongle?

A small USB device with a SIM card inside.
Simply insert into your digiGate, create users and call your gates to open them.

digiGate USB GSM Dongle

digiGate Electric Automatic Gates USB GSM Dongle

Plug-and-Play Installation

- Add authorised phone numbers with the web app

- Call the digiGate

Worry free costings

digiGate hangs up when called so no cost to your phone.

digiGate GSM SIM Cards

digiGate GSM SIM Cards

Every GSM dongle comes with a free SIM card preloaded with £10 credit.
digiGate uses GiffGaff SIM cards which require no regular topups or 30 day rolling contracts.

Totally Secure

Only people you allow can open the gates with a call.
Anyone else gets rejected.

Doubles up as Internet connection

Insert a data loaded SIM and connect digiGate to the Internet.
Ideal for gates with no Ethernet or WiFi available.

Calling functionality still remains.

digiGate GSM USB Dongle Internet Connection

digiGate USB GSM Dongle

Very cheap to run

digiGate GSM works by using a pay-as-you-go SIM card, costing around 60p a year for you to run.
This means that your initial £10 credit from us will last approximately 16 years before requiring another top up.


Do I need the app to use the GSM dongle?
No. The dongle receives phone calls so no app is required.

Will the dongle work in my area?
The dongle comes with a GiffGaff SIM card which uses the O2 network.
The dongles are unlocked to any network should you require a new SIM.

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